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April Fool’s Day Chocolate?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Today is April Fool’s Day. If you follow the Internet, you see that Google, Star Buck’s and several other companies are engaging in some good-humored fun. What a relief it is to see this  in a day and age where seriousness is all around us.

I have been part of (on both sides) a number of practical jokes over the years but one stands out as the absolute best.  It got at least twenty people. It took hours for us to make sense of it and no one caught on that it was April 1st.

About 10 years ago, I worked with a young woman who had an absolute obsession with chocolate. She lived and breathed it. To the point where we joked that she got her 4 food groups merely by the color of her M & M’s.

Early in the morning on a fairly quiet day, we got a report that an ambulance had pulled up with a patient transported from another hospital, early in her pregnancy. What we found was a blond woman holding her belly (not looking very pregnant) with an IV hanging and kind of a crazy look in her eyes.

We brought her up to the unit and settled her in and listened for heart tones on the baby. We found none. Also, she was a little combative and reluctant to let us near her belly. We were also confused by the IV she had hanging. It looked like blood but was not marked properly and seemed dark. The comedy that took place was too much. Six of us were around her either trying to get her to talk, trying to access her abdomen or trying to figure out what was hanging in that bag.

I remember a very funny scene where my friend Vic looked at the bag and said, “What the heck is this? I’ve never seen anything like it”. Whereas immediately another nurse literally kicked her and said, “Don’t sound like you don’t know what you are talking about!”

Over the course of about twenty minutes and a lot of people involved we determined that she was not pregnant and was, instead a psychiatric patient. Not one person made the connection that her last name was Hershey or that various things in her chart were related to “chocolate”.

The gag ended when a Thai nurse whose turn it was to come in and try something to sort this out looked at the patient and flatly said, “Erin—what are you doing?” Huh? A blond wig and a crazy-eyed look can change even a short dark haired Irish girl. Of course, the IV was Hershey’s syrup. It was brilliant.

Humor is the best. Even though Alexander is 9 now, the leprechauns still turn the toilets and the milk green and on Easter, the bunny leaves different colored things all over the house. Children love that sort of fun and us grown-ups sure need a whole lot more of it.

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