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Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Tomorrow is Halloween — I am re-posting this from some time ago. Why? Because at the moment I am facing the challenge of a budding teenager and because it makes me remember why kids are simply the best. EVER.

7:20 am: (small boy jumping up on my bed) “Mom. It’s time to get up. Get up !!”

7:21 am: (while trying to keep my eyes closed)

“Alexander, Mom needs a little more sleep this morning. Why don’t you bring a book down?”

“No, I do not think I need Buster to be an extra pillow.”

“If Roxie is eating your Legos just put her outside.”

Finally, I caved… “Ok, yes, you can play Wii”  The child is gone in a flash.

7:45am … while  trying to bury my head under the pillow for just another fifteen minutes…

Roxie, (the very naughty dog) ate through yet another sprinkler hose, which as the water came on, sprayed Lucy (the kitten) who then ran into the bedroom window, walking (with wet feet) across the one part of my face that was not under the pillow.

8:20 am (before coffee)

“No Alexander, the rules are not the same for Mama as they are for you.”

“No, Alexander, Mom does NOT have the same screen-time limits as you do.”

“Yes, I know I told you I would give you $5 dollars last week if I had not cleaned my own room by bedtime. But that was “last week”. I am not going to give you $5 every time my room is messy.”

“Please do not encourage  Lucy (the cat) to sit on top of the bird cage.”

“Yes, I know I said that you could play Wii all day if you let me sleep longer, however, that did not literally mean ALL day.”

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  1. we had “Benjamin, no, do NOT shoot your brother.”

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