About the Book

book-coverCongratulations—you’re pregnant! During the excitement of the coming months, you’ll have a lot of questions: What should I eat? How much should I exercise? How do I plan for the birth? What will labor and delivery be like?

As a perinatal nurse and childbirth educator, Tori Kropp has the answers. In The Joy of Pregnancy, she tells you everything you need to know to have a happy, healthy pregnancy—without overwhelming you. Like a trusted friend, Tori guides you through the ups and downs of this time and encourages you to relax and to celebrate your pregnancy, instead of spending nine months worrying about what could go wrong.

Month-by-month, you’ll learn how your body and baby are changing as your pregnancy progresses, and what you need to know each step of the way. You’ll read Tori’s answers to real questions from expectant parents, and helpful checklists will make it easy to keep organized and get ready for the big day. There are even sections just for the dad-to-be to help him understand what you’re experiencing and offers ways that he can help. The Joy of Pregnancy is the only guide you’ll need by your side as your baby develops and you prepare to welcome him or her into the world!