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Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I have no particular idea why I like to write on airplanes more than other places. I have to assume it is because it is a spot where I am actually seated, without the ability to move and I have the blissful experience of privacy thanks to the luxurious purchase of a Bose headset some years ago.

I am flying to Chicago at this moment. Being, literally asleep as I arrived at the airport at 4:45 a.m., I followed the “gate change” text message from the airline to gate 82. Boarding the plane, the friendly ticket taker woman said “Unless you want to go to Denver, you really should hustle to gate 86”. That was embarrassing. Getting places has always been a bit of a cartoon spectacle for me. I tend to get distracted…

For most of the ride, I have been reading Mark Morford’s new book “The Daring Spectacle” and have been shamelessly laughing out loud, seriously annoying my seatmate, (who appears not to have smiled in a number of years) which has made it all the more enjoyable.

More on why I am headed to the Midwest later but for now I just have to put a shout out (what a terrible phrase) to please support this man’s work – the book is a collection of many of his columns, emails and an assortment of other writings . Acknowledge the wonderfully deviant and brilliant mind and spirit of this man (who I suspect I will never meet but for whom I have followed and loved, long and unabashedly).

Not love him in a way that is benign and can be universally applied to any number of people. But love in an ”Oh my God did you say that? And please say it again. And yes maybe I could go to Burning Man to free myself up from the risk of becoming (aach, or already being) a far too serious and suburban 40-something la crosse mom”. So much so that I have even considered going deep into the belly of San Francisco to take a beginner yoga class that he will be teaching in June. And I don’t  really have a desire to actually take a yoga class.

But take note, his writing is not for the meek or pedantic. It is raw, opinionate, dangerously sexy and smart. Really smart. But that is just my opinion. And why I mention it here is to remind myself – out loud – that life, as we move through it is an awful lot like birthing babies. It is not absolute, or predictable. It is messy, sticky, gooey, miraculous, exhilarating, painful, scary, sometimes terrifying, exhausting, beautiful, tender, amazing, and a very wild ride. And just as I did when I first touched Alexander, my prayers are to look back and say, without question, that I would absolutely do it all over again.

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