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50 Useful Pregnancy iPhone Applications

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I was contacted by these folks a couple of months ago and since I love iPhone apps I thought I would pass these along to you. I haven’t reviewed all 50 but some of them are really great. Enjoy!


Here is a list of applications that will allow you to follow your body’s cycle and help you know when it’s the right time to conceive.

1. Fertility’s Menstrual CalendarThis free iPhone app is a light version of the calendar available at Fertility You enter in your last period and cycle length and the calendar displays your predicted period start days as well as your expected ovulation and most fertile days in color.

2. iPeriodDo you remember the last day of period when the doctor asks? Predict ovulation and fertility while you keep track of your dates.

3. Am I Pregnant Quiz *Wondering if you’re pregnant? Take our quick and easy pregnancy quiz and get a personalized answer in no time. Answer just ten short questions and our quiz will evaluate your chances of pregnancy. Have questions about pregnancy? Check out our detailed Pregnancy FAQ section and find answers to all of your biggest questions.

4. Period & Fertility Calendar If you’re trying to get pregnant, the straightforward fertility icon lets you know instantly when the best time is. You can also record intimacy dates so you can track the best dates for conception.

5. MeFertilThis application tracks a woman’s fertility cycle with an easy-to-read color-coded body graph.  MeFertil also keeps track of medications taken and other fertility relevant information.

6.Early Signs of PregnancyAccess helpful information on the early signs of pregnancy, including tips on how to conceive, pregnancy tests and choices of how to deal with planned and unplanned pregnancy. All information is free, easy to access and private.

7. FemiCycle For women wanting to either become pregnant or avoid a possible pregnancy. It also provides a guide to help increase your chances of conceiving a boy or girl.

8. iFertility Log Unlike other applications, this one helps you manage your weight so that you can also control your fertility. This tool not only works in order to benefit your fertility, but your health over all.

9. Mon.thly.Info This free service charts your menstrual cycle. You input important dates, and this app will predict let you know when your cycle will start again. It will even email you with an alert so you know when to get it going with your significant other.

Due Dates

Whether you love being pregnant or you can’t wait until this baby comes out, these apps will make it easier counting down the days.

10. The Wheel? A gestational age calculator for used by doctors and pregnant women to determine when a baby is due. It can calculate the baby’s gestational age at any stage of pregnancy.

11. Expecting Whether for mommy or daddy to be, this pregnancy tool can help you along the way. It also gives specifics on which month or week or trimester you are in.

12. ’til Baby Provides you with a live countdown of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until your baby arrives. Your data is saved, so each time you run the application you are quickly provided with the remaining time.

13. Pregnancy Calc This pregnancy calculator estimates your baby’s due date, ovulation time, the end of your 1st and 2nd trimesters and the numbers of weeks along you are on a specified date.

14. My Due Date Imagine you had an assistant to help you follow your follow your baby’s growth. This app allows you to be a part of this amazing and fascinating progress.


Do you want to know if you’re having a boy or a girl? Find out with a few of these applications that can predict the sex of your baby.

15. Baby Gender Baby Gender is a program that allows you to forecast the gender of the baby based on the biological rhythms of the baby’s parents. This method tries to identify if the male or female chromosomes are stronger at the time of conception based on both parents’ birthdays.

16. Gender Predict Chinese Chart The Chinese had an ancient chart that could predict the unborn baby’s gender based on mom’s date of birth and probable date of conception. This relic chart was sad to be discovered buried in royal tombs hundreds of years ago.

Baby Names

It’s time for you to start thinking of a name for your baby!Get some help with decision to pick the perfect one.

17. My Baby Names Instead of buying a baby name book and using a highlighter, you can always have your database of names with you at all times to show you friends and family, quickly and easily.

18. Baby Namer An easy and different way to search over thousands of baby names. Just give your iPhone a shake a new name in a variety of categories such as popular names for twins.

19. Baby Names – The full list Unlike other applications, you can search for names under other similar names such as Sam, Samantha, and Sampson. There are also origins of the names like Hebrew, Indian, Greek and more.

20. Baby Girl Names A collection of more than 300 baby names for little girls. The interface is simple to use and that randomly displays names after you pick an alphabetical category.

21. Baby Boy Names The same app but for little boy names. This app is good for those moments when you’re in traffic, on a road trip, or hanging out with friends and family.

22. iName Baby Created by a mom to be, this app can randomly pick names from the most popular list of boy or girl names available. You can also email your favorite baby names to yourself, family or friends.

23. Most Baby Names A perfect resource to help you choose the perfect name for your child. This app is over flowing with over 103,000 baby names with origins, variations, and definitions.

24. Fresh Names Baby Produce unique and quirky names by taking parts of current names and reassembling them to make a brand new one.You will spend hours on end reading the wonderful names you have discovered.

Health & Prenatal Care

There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and baby healthy. Let these applications give you the facts and advice you need to be aware of.

25. . iPregnancy Keep track of your pregnancy right along with your doctor once your due date is established. There is even a progress bar that will show you how far you have come from your Current Trimester Time remaining until your due date.

26. A+ Baby Get started on your journey and prepare yourself for the unexpected. Learn about everything from pregnancy weight gain to maternity leave.

27. Fish4Health This application provides advice for pregnant and nursing women, women that are trying to become pregnant, and children in regards to seafood consumption. Women can reduce their mercury intake by selecting seafood wisely.

28. iKegel Kegel is a popular prescribed exercise for pregnant women to prepare the pelvic floor for physiological stresses of the later stages of pregnancy and childbirth. This app serves as a helper to aide you in doing your exercises correctly.

29. Cooking for Pregnant & Lactating Women by Kanchan Kabra A smorgasbord of delicious and nutritious recipes created for women planning a baby, for pregnant women and for lactating ones. Ensure that you get the balanced combination of nutrients needed during your pregnancy and thereafter.

30. Baby Motion Track your baby’s movements during pregnancy easily with this application. Measure how long it takes for your baby to make 10 movements. All data is saved and you can email yourself or your doctor test results.

31. Pregnancy Enter you’re expected due date and get answers on how long you’ve been pregnant and how long you have left in your pregnancy. You can also add notes about things like the first kick, food cravings, and any concerns or worries you might have.

32. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant As long as you have your iPhone with you, you’ll never have to guess about whether a food is safe to eat or not. With easy navigation you can figure out in a minute the safety of any food you’re considering.

33. I’m Pregnant Get weekly updates on your developing baby such as a progress indicator with a percentage to track your overall pregnancy progress, an active color image of your baby’s development, and some common symptoms you might experience throughout your pregnancy.

34. Kicker Counter Allows pregnant mothers to count the number of fetal kicks and other movements in a one hour period of time. A running log tells you the date and time you started each countdown, and the number of kicks you felt during.

35. Pregger Factoidz Download this app to scroll through over 250 pregnancy facts and myths. Topics include everything from swollen fingers to stretch marks.

36. Pregnant Want to know more of what pregnancy entails? Learn more about morning sickness, pain relief, and diet.


Get comfortable, put your feet up, and relax while you play some of these baby games on your iPhone.

37. Babyface This app uses Mendel’s scientific theory of dominant and recessive trait inheritance to automatically determine which parent will give your baby each trait. Amazingly, it then will give you a one of a kind color drawing of your baby that you can save to your iPhone and share with family and friends.

38. Virtual BabyGet a sneak peak at what you will be experiencing when baby comes. From diaper changing to sleepless nights, you’re sure to get a taste of parenthood sure to deliver a smile.

39. Are You Smarter than a Doctor Pregnancy Quiz This quiz was created by a licensed OB & GYN, Dr. Amos Grunebaum. Based on years of experience from answering questions online, this quiz has entertaining as well as educational questions on the major issues of pregnant women.

40. Baby Babble Play with baby and watch & listen to him babble various sounds, in cute, real-time animation technology. Touch baby’s face, hands, belly, and toes for different reactions. It also has a built in recording feature that gives you the ability to record what you want your baby to say back to you.

41. Baby Maker This state of the art application lets you take a picture of you and dad and see what the baby might look like. The results are actual parts of the parent faces that you’ll be sure to spend hours laughing about.


The moment is finally approaching. These applications will help you with deciding on delivery, timing contractions and even what to pack in your hospital bag.

42. Contraction Tracker Provides expectant mothers and their coaches a way to track and time contractions during labor. Contractions are timed, recorded and saved, categorized into the separate phases, and graphed on a chart so that you can see whether or not you may be progressing.

43. Bishop’s Score This a pre-labor scoring system that helps predicting whether induction of labor will be required. Patients can use this application to help their doctor decide if labor induction would be a good option.

44. Baby Checklist The Baby Checklist helps you organize the supplies you need for your new baby and lets you keep track of it right on your phone. There are also some helpful hints from experienced moms.

45. Contraction Master Automatically keeps track of the start time, end time, duration, and frequency of each contraction. A simple app that makes logging your time as simple as tapping a button.

46. Maternity A great resource for expectant mothers. Find, ob/gyn’s, midwives and more, all in your area. There is also information on nutrition and proper maternity attire.

47. Baby’s Coming This application will help you keep track of contractions during labor. Make it easier to establish whether the contractions are frequent enough to head to hospital.

48. Birth Buddy A tool to track labor contractions, allowing you to focus on breathing and relaxing, and your partner to focus on you. Your Birth Buddy will also send an email to your care provider, or any curious family members.

49. Labor Mate Labor Mate tracks the data for you and reports the times back in an easy-to-read format. This way you can decide when it is time to call the doctor or head off to the hospital.

50. NineMonths This app can be used by mom or dad. One screen tracks and summarizes everything from contraction start time, to duration, to average interval.

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