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  • Better Birth

    Friday, August 31st, 2012

    Childbirth is on my mind. Not merely because pregnancy and birth are part of my very fabric but because I see a new trend in birth again becoming terribly “polarized”. Historically, it happens every couple of decades. Today, as the holes in our health-care system are glaringly apparent, birth has become a hot topic for dissection. You can see it in the multitude of childbirth books with titles such as “Better Birth”, “Your Best Birth”, “The Best Birth” . Every pregnant woman will tell you that, more than once she has been asked the million dollar questions. Doctor or midwife? Home or hospital? Natural or medicated? Epidural or not? And then, regardless of her answer, she is told what is “better, best, what she absolutely should or shouldn’t do” and on and on. It is exhaustive and rather than being helpful, more often leaves a woman feeling confused, frustrated and unsure of herself and her choices.

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