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  • Class Reunions

    Monday, June 29th, 2009

    I have been away from here for a little over a week although it feels like even longer than that. The funny part is that I truly have been without an Internet connection for this entire time. That sure doesn’t happen often anymore. Either the WIFI signal was out or the dial-up wasn’t working or something or other. I have been traveling to the Midwest, specifically Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend one of my high school reunions (the number of which I will leave out).

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  • What Are “irregularly regular” Contractions?

    Thursday, June 18th, 2009

    Yesterday, I attended a birth that had been pretty long for the mom. She had experienced a couple of days of mild, irregular and annoying (her words) contractions before labor really kicked in. What I was struck with was that she really had managed her labor by separating the “engine is warming up” portion of it (early labor) with the “engine is in full-gear” portion (active labor). She tried to be as normal about her day as she could even though she knew things were happening. This allowed her to have the energy to better manage the very strong, active labor contractions without feeling as though she had been in labor for days.

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  • Orgasmic Birth

    Friday, June 5th, 2009

    I recently viewed a film called Orgasmic Birth. In it several women discuss the “bliss and ecstasy” that they felt during their “natural” childbirth experiences. Other “experts” discuss how this occurs with references to blood flow, sexual hormones and anatomy. I found the dialogue and the described certainty with which we can achieve this to be quite fascinating. And I wondered where these women were (and why I hadn’t been one of them).

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