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100 Hospital Tour – “Positive Pregnancy, Positive Birth”

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

It’s Tuesday already. I feel like I missed all of last week. It simply got away from me. Parents certainly understand how days and weeks can disappear and children do keep us quite aware of how quickly time passes.

Last week I was in the Midwest – Michigan to be exact.  It was a great trip and I was able, not only to have a wonderful professional experience, but also to spend time with my family and my very best friend. Quiet, perfect time.

The reason I went was for the launch of my 100 Hospital Tour – “Positive Pregnancy, Positive Birth”. Over the next several months I will be visiting 100 hospitals around the country to learn more about what they do, what they offer for families, and how they support a wide range of birth choices.

My decision to do this came as a result of being tired of hospital birth getting such a bad rap. And not because it was all deserving. The actress, Ricki Lake, with her book and movie about homebirth a couple of years ago got me started. It is simply well beyond time for someone to really bring to the forefront the positive and powerful experience being pregnant and giving birth within a safe, medical system can be.

So I began my tour in Lansing, Michigan at Sparrow Hospital. I selected it because I am an alumnus of Michigan State University and because I had heard wonderful things about the hospital. I wanted to immediately point out that no matter where you live in the country birth can be progressive, highly personal and extremely positive. My experience with the folks at Sparrow exceeded my expectations. I am going to talk in detail about my time with them tomorrow.

Interestingly enough, my tour comes at a time when homebirth and homebirth midwives are again in the news. This coming Friday I am going to spend time addressing the loss of lay midwives’ in New York City to have hospital backup and why this all ties in with my focus on putting positive hospital birth out in the forefront.

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  1. Wow! I am impressed but not surprised that you would make such a commitment. I am not surprised because you have always been so committed to educating people about healthy pregnancy and birth.
    Thank you for being such an inspiring role model in your field.

  2. So awesome that you are doing this Tori! Women and practitioners all need to hear your rational, reassuring voice out there more. It sounds like a huge undertaking, but I hope it’s a wonderful experience for you. I’m sure it will be for your audiences.

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